Frequently Asked Questions

I want my blog listed in the MOHO Directory.
Good, Welcome! Check the Join Us tab to find out how to be added to the MOHO Directory.

My blog is in the Directory but its not showing up in the feed, why?
First off, double check with me that your blog is actually in the directory. If it is, you may need to adjust your "Site Feed" settings.
This can be done by going through the blogger dashboard page, and clicking on Settings on the left column. Then click other.
You need to allow blog feed, from the drop down menu. That should take care of the issue. If not, contact me and I can walk you through the issue.

I use to be on the MOHO Directory why am I not anymore?
To maintain a relevant and up-to-date directory, any blog that has not been updated in over a year, will be moved from the main Directory to the page of old blogs. You are still welcome to update with a new post and will be added to the main Directory after notifying me of the updated blog.

I have a question, but it's not a FAQ.
Cool, e-mail it and I'll answer.

Any other questions please contact me.

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